Make summers in your backyard more memorable

Could your backyard be a summer escape?

Get the most enjoyment from all the time you have at home with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit

Sticking around the house has been, more or less, a mandated theme so far in 2020. Without a doubt, this has provided some level of challenge for everyone. But there have been positives. Families have been connecting more than they have in recent memory and there has been a renewed focus on “home”. Creating or enhancing the comforts of home is happening in neighbourhoods everywhere – either as a series of pet projects or a family-determined necessity (a couple months with everyone under the same roof will do that)! For many, that’s meant rejuvenating their backyards and exterior living space.

Bring the cottage or the campground to your backyard.

This inward focus on how we live has caused us to look at our homes differently. Making backyards more comfortable, liveable, and enjoyable has been a key part of that. Gathering the family around an outdoor fire pit or a patio fireplace is an instant and rewarding escape. As the sun goes down and the fire dances, your backyard transforms into a woodland hideaway, national park, or campground. Roasting marshmallows or a few hot dogs makes it an experience that, normally, you’d drive hours for. As the evening chills, it’s a perfect, natural source of outdoor heating – letting you spend just a little more time outside. More time to tell a few stories, or reminisce about adventurous days that ended around the glow of a campfire.

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An outdoor fireplace or fire pit may be more affordable than you think.

There really is a backyard fire feature for everyone’s tastes and budget. From very simple fire bowls, to larger pits, to built in fireplaces – and just about every permutation in between – can be found to suit the space available, the aesthetics of the property, and the functional desires. Whether you’re providing a comfortable, relaxing setting for your family, or you enjoy entertaining guests – these features can

make summer evenings so much fun. There really is nothing like enjoying the warm fresh air, sitting under the stars, and enjoying the peace and quiet while gazing at the fire. Now that can be part of the comforts of home.

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