Enhance the comfort of your backyard with a fire pit or fire table

Spring is the season of transition and that’s never been more true than this year. As the weather warms up, our attention returns to the outdoors. Patio season, for now, is still primarily rooted on the backyard patio enjoying the fresh air and awakening nature with family. For many, it’s also a time of continuing the improvements made last year; creating even more comfort outside. This is where backyard fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables have become a popular addition. The functional benefits and visual appeal make an immediate difference to any yard. The real benefit is so much bigger. As humans, we’re naturally drawn to fire. For millennia, we’ve gathered around it together as family, friends, and community. It’s been interwoven into our nature  – first as a means of survival and now as a source of connection and comfort. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can welcome extended family and friends to enjoy this setting. 

Comfortably warm under the stars in your backyard

A fire feature of any kind brings a tangible benefit of warmth. Especially in the spring and fall, this makes your yard much more usable. A chilly spring evening becomes much more comfortable for you and the family with the heat from a fire. In essence, this adds more living space to your home. As we can all attest after being  cooped up inside for much of the past year, a bit more useful space to enjoy, and to entertain guests, is an invaluable addition  for your backyard. On a nice evening, there’s nothing better than sitting around a fire and just talking to friends or family. It’s a great chance to put the devices down for a bit, enjoy the fresh air, the view of the stars, and just connect with each other.


From the traditional to the contemporary, there’s a perfect fire feature to suit your needs

The options for a backyard fire feature have broadened in recent years. Finding something to suit the décor of your yard, as well as the size, certainly won’t be an issue. Many enjoy the campfire-style of sitting around a stylish fire pit or bowl. In the evening and nighttime, these provide everything you’d expect from crackling fire – instantly transporting you to campsite deep in the woods, or to a remote enclave in cottage country. And in the daytime, they complement the look of your backyard nicely – providing a visual feature even when not in use.


Gather around the warming glow of a stylish patio fire table.  

Fire Patio Tables are another comtempary addition to the ambiance of your backyard. As the name implies, these mesh the function of a patio table with the warming glow and comfort of a fire. Their elevated nature gives the flames of the fire a nice centre-piece focus with a very modern look. Like more conventional backyard fire features, these are a great focal point for your yard – day or night. And they can easily and affordably enhance your patio.


The ease and safety of natural gas or propane.

Another often-understated aspect of today’s fire pits and fire tables is that they can be fueled by propane or natural gas. Of course,wood can provide you with a closer replication of a traditional campfire, but these alternative fuel sources provide some fantastic benefits. Much like an indoor natural-gas fireplace, these can be lit with the flick of a switch. No need to gather wood, kindling, and paper to try and get a fire started. Espeically in the dampness of spring, that can be a challenge. Safety is another important factor. With natural gas or propane, smoke and flying embers are eliminated from the mix – drastically reducing the concern of someone getting burnt, damage to your patio or outdoor furniture, or from anything catching fire. Many municipalities don’t allow an open flame either – which keeps many from installing a fire pit or table in their yard. The control of a natural gas or propane flame can keep you from breaking any local laws or annoying the neighbours with the smoke from a wood fire.

Adding a backyard fire feature has never been more accessible. The options really ensure that there is something that suites everyones tastes and backyard style.

Let us help you find the fire pit or patio fire table that will have you spending beautiful evenings under the stars – in the comfort of your own backyard.

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