Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces: Comfort, Beauty, and Convenience.

When you picture a comfy, cozy day with the howling winter raging outside, there’s a good chance you envision a fireplace keeping you warm. It’s the winter-time living room post card. Today, that visual is more attainable than it’s ever been. The advent of Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces has made the installation much more suitable to smaller spaces; while making maintenance easy and convenient.

Fireplace installation has come a long way

Having a fireplace of any kind is still seen as a luxury. The functional warmth it brings along with being a feature of any room’s décor makes them a valuable asset in any home. But they’ve become much more accessible. Gone are the days when a ‘fireplace’ meant significant masonry to construct a hearth that, typically, required an inside and outside wall, and a chimney that towered above the home. Unless a house was built with this traditional-style of fireplace included, retro-fitting one into the average home is a major challenge. This is where direct vent gas fireplaces have been a game changer.

What is ‘direct vent’?

‘Direct vent’ refers to a sealed-combustion system in which air for combustion is drawn from the outdoors, and waste combustion gasses are exhausted to the outdoors. This means the circuit of airflow begins and ends outside the home – leaving only the heat to stay inside. Since this system doesn’t require a flue – a vertical pipe or chimney to vent as wood-burning and traditional gas fireplaces – to exhaust fumes up above the house, much less space and resources are required for installation. Plus, there is a significant safety benefit as well. The risks of back drafting sending fumes or smoke back into the home is eliminated.


Easy to install in almost any sized space, a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace can be a beautiful, comforting feature in your home

The versatility of installation is a key benefit of direct vent gas fireplaces. These units can be vented directly through the wall. That opens up a host of options for most homeowners. Almost any outside wall in the home becomes a potential opportunity to feature a gas fireplace. In areas where a wall isn’t available, direct-vent units can also be vented above – similar to traditional gas fireplaces. Direct-vent gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles and sizes; another versatile aspect. This enables you to choose a style that complements the room’s environment and is the appropriate size for the square footage of the area.


The convenience of easy temperature and fire control

Once your direct vent gas fireplace is installed and ready to be enjoyed, the convenience gets even better. Starting a fire with the flip of a switch sure adds to the comfort. And controlling that comfort is just as easy. Most units come equipped with a remote to control the temperature. So, you’re able to fuel your fire, or tame it, without leaving the couch. For a more hands-off approach, the temperature can be set so your unit maintains your desired warmth. And once it’s time to turn in for a warm winter’s sleep, you can douse your fire as simply as turning off the TV. No ashes to clean up, no chimney’s to be swept. Maintenance typically consists of general cleaning that, in most cases, is taken care of seasonally. Really, the comfort and beauty of a fireplace – a welcoming feature in any home – could not be easier.

Does the comfort and convenience of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace sound like a cozy addition to your home? As temperature plummets outside, we’d be more than happy to talk about bringing some warmth into your home.

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