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The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. While we still have some beautiful days ahead, it won’t be long before sweater weather is here for good. Saying goodbye to the warmer months is never easy. In southern Ontario, the summers come and go so quick. But, with the changing season comes lots to look forward to.

A cooler season means cozy nights.

Comfort and coziness comes along with the chilly air. Even the most ardent summer enthusiast looks forward to spending a cozy evening under a warm blanket, enjoying a good book or a movie with the family. If you close your eyes and picture that scene, you’ll likely see the glowing flicker from the room’s fireplace. For generations, the glow of a fireplace has been a cornerstone of the post-card living room. It adds a traditional, peaceful element that has, in some form, been a consistent part of human history. And, similarily, the fireplace provides that soothing warmth that just feels like home.

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Direct Vent Fireplaces

Today’s gas fireplaces give your family the perfect blend of warming comfort, aesthetic, and efficiency. Direct Vent models enable your fireplace to vent through the ceiling and roof or an adjacent wall. This versatility means you’ll have more options for where you’d like to place it. And, with a zero clearance option, the location limitations shrink even more.

Aside from the immediate rewards of this addition, there’s an additional benefit. As a feature, a gas fireplace has the potential to add value to your home. Real estate agents overwhelmingly agree that it makes for a good investment.

With a range of sizes and styles, you can find the gas fireplace that suits your room perfectly. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or sleek and modern, our team can help you bring comfort and coziness to your home this winter.

Let us help you find the gas fireplace that you and your family will enjoy. Contact us today and so we can talk about making your home even more cozy.

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