Bring the comfort of an outdoor fireplace to your backyard

This past year has given us a new appreciation for “home”. Yes, ‘home is where the heart is’, but we have not had much chance to leave our homes either.  Enhancing the comforts of home has become a priority and a passion for many – and creating a backyard escape has been a popular aspect of that approach. Exterior fireplaces give families a way to bring an occasion home. A special way to enjoy some quiet time outside without having to go anywhere. Soon enough with the Spring and Summer weather on the way, they’ll become a perfect place to gather and entertain.

And outdoor built-in fireplaces makes your yard more fun and functional.

Much like inside the house, a built-in fireplace adds an entirely different dynamic to the backyard. From simply a functional perspective, it provides warmth. And that alone can greatly increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying the outside. Even early summertime evenings can be a tad chilly once the sun goes down. With a fireplace providing you with heat, cozying up under the stars can be enjoyed in the cooler months, too. Even a winter evening outside with the snow falling, bundled up with cups of hot chocolates in hand, can be a wonderful experience.

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The versatility and variety of designs means there are options for almost any backyard.

There are so many great built-in outdoor fireplace options to choose from. Have a smaller backyard? Designs come in all shapes and sizes – with custom designs offering almost limitless opportunities. And having a smaller backyard may result in a coziness that you didn’t anticipate. Whether you have a yard that spans multiple acres or merely a garden or two, the enhancement to the ambiance is universal. The visual appeal alone will make your backyard the envy of friends and neighbours.


Choose a style that suits the décor and enhances the ambiance.

Just like size, there’s a style that will suit your yard as well. From the unique and contemporary, to the traditional stone or brick, the look and feel of your fireplace can nicely complement the style of your home and yard. You can also choose whether you’d like the ease and limited-maintenance of a natural gas fireplace, or the more traditional wood-burning variety.  They can also be built as a stand-alone feature or built adjacent to an exterior wall of your house. In larger backyards, a built-in fireplace makes a gazebo or covered patio an incredibly comfortable enclave that’s set just short distance from the house. And the more traditional exterior-wall placement can turn the backyard patio into a comfortable gatherings place just steps from your door.


An outdoor fireplace can be a rewarding addition. 

There is no doubt that an outdoor fireplace will be a rewarding addition for you and your family. Like any of the enhancements you may have made to the backyard, it’s an opportunity to make your yard more liveable, more functional, and more comfortable. But, it can also enhance the value of your home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, an outdoor fireplace increases a home’s value by an average of $3,500.

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