How clean is the air in your home?

Your home comfort depends greatly on your indoor air quality. In fact, your health and well-being does, too.  Airborne toxins, allergens, and illnesses can fester and circulate throughout your home. Enhanced filtration can keep these invisible nasties grounded. The humidity, or lack thereof, in the air can also contribute to your health as well as your comfort. Having the right equipment to regulate the humidity and air quality in your home can make significant and noticeable differences in your family’s comfort.

Many respiratory illnesses are the result of indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a bigger concern than most would like to admit. According to findings from the Global Indoor Air Network, upwards of 50% of respiratory illnesses can be attributed to indoor air quality. If you think about how you feel whle dealing with a harsh cough or wheezy cold, it’s unlikely the word “comfortable” comes to mind. And if we think about how many sick days are required as a result, this issue becomes an even bigger burden.

The smog is outside, but the air inside can be worse

Air pollution, especially in and around cities, has long been a concern for residents and that’s brought about much needed actions and regulations to reduce it. But studies have found that the air quality indoors can be 2 to 5 times worse than it is outdoors. That, too, is an eyebrow-raising number. The off-gassing of building materials, flooring, and paints are key contributors to the contaminants. Particles in the air outside also find their way inside. A study done by Fisk & Chan found that more than 60% of the “outside particles” we inhale actually occur indoors. That makes adequate filtration crucial.


Purifying your home’s air can be easy and effective

Equipment to maintain clean and healthy air in your home can be installed on your current heating and cooling system.  A HEPA-filter system can remove 99.97% of particles. These filters have the ability to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, including irritants like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. They also trap microoganisms and bacteria that bother allergy suffers and spread illnesses.


Get the microbe-zapping power of UV Lights enhancing your air quality.

A relatively recent innovation that’s become part of indoor air purification is ultraviolet lights. These, too, can be installed easily on your furnace as poart of your home’s air purification solutions. UV lights are effective disinfectors – inhibiting the growth of microbes like bacteria and mould spores. That enhances the purity of the air being circulated throughout your home. And, most importantly, keeping your family healthy.

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