CHCH Visit Explores Cozy Home Heating Solutions!

Temperatures are falling and now is the time to review your home’s heating systems.

During a visit from the CHCH Television Morning Live crew, Goemans Custom Climate Solutions’ Matt Ruggi said that regular furnace maintenance and observing some simple tips can help keep your home cozy and warm while maximizing efficiencies.

“Regular maintenance is the key. You’re going to want to get your furnace maintained every year to protect you from paying hundreds in a breakdown. The fall is the best time to check your furnace. You want to get to it before it really starts to work and cycle.”

Ruggi offered some easy solutions for reducing heating costs and improving the effectiveness of your system.

“Consider running your ceiling fans on low to push the heat back down off the ceiling. Close the vents in any room you’re not using and focus the heat where you need it.”

The 17 year veteran of the HVAC industry touted small adjustments for bit savings.

“Consider cutting your heat back by one or two degrees when you go to work and the same when you go to bed.“

Goemans Custom Climate Solutions carries a full line of home heating products including fireplaces. Representative Fiona Wylie spoke with CHCH about the merits of electric vs gas.

If you’re on a budget, electric seems to be a little more affordable than gas. Also, if you can’t run a gas line or venting to a gas unit, electric is an easy alternative.”

Wylie explained that while today’s modern fireplaces are attractive, they can also provide some practical heating benefits.

“You can use them just for aesthetics so they’re great in the summertime. If you do need a bit of heat in the winter, they can put out up to 5,000 BTU.”

Watch the video below and learn about the diverse heating products offered at Goemans Custom Climate Solutions, located at the corner of Walkers Line & Harvester next to Tim Hortons.

Be sure to watch the third segment featuring the incredible Napoleon 74″ Fireplace!

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